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If you asked any proxy webmaster, What is your main problem with your hosting? He will answer actually i have two problem, The 1st one is server load ( will be discussed later here on proxy blog) and the 2nd one of course the bandwidth.

So today we will focus on how to save web proxy bandwidth and limit it through the following tips

1- Trap bad bots

Most of proxy bandwidth get eaten by bad bots (Automated computers for spam purposes) so we will make a little trap for those bad bots 

The trap idea is that good bots obey rules in robots.txt file while bad ones do not so we will add a rule to robots.txt telling good bots not to enter a specific directory. The result you will find good bots like those of major search engine obey while the bad bots will enter our trap, In this trap we will make a php script to record the ip of these bad bots and add them to black list and block them forever.

To setup your own bad bot trap please click: Filter bad bots eating proxy bandwidth.


2- Block bad countries

Visitors from some countries such as china and those of middle eastern and african countries well known to consume large amount of traffic because they use web proxy to view adult videos and other video services which is a bandwith worm.

You can block these countries or even sell traffic coming from these countries to another website or proxy to do so i recommend you to have a look at this thread: Redirect unwanted proxy traffic to another domain.


3- Use cloudflare

Cloudflare is a DNS hosting which also offer spam protection and caching, Cloud flare is really great and it will cut down your bandwidth once you add your website with them, this is because they offer spam challenge and have a wide database of spam bots ips.

To start using cloudflare just click here and sign up at the end of your sign up cloudflare will give you 2 name servers like and for example and will ask you to put them in your domain control panel.


4- Change the name of your browse.php file

Many automated bots use this file to spam other websites using your proxy and the result you will find a very high bandwidth so we need to rename this file to something else other than browse.php, Personally i recommend you to name it a strange name other than browse, surf or go.

how to rename browse.php file?

  1. Open your FTP and rename the file manually.
  2. Now we have to tell our proxy script that we changed the file name or it will be broken so for glype for example 
  • Open includes/init.php
  • Find this peace of code:
// Script name (change this if you rename browse.php)
define('SCRIPT_NAME', 'browse.php');
  • Change browse.php to what ever file name you have chosed.


5- Use Gzip compression

This will definetly reduce your bandwidth greatly, But may lead to increase in your server load so if you are on a strong server this is dose not matter of course but if you are on a weak server of shared host i don't recommend to enable this.

To use Gzip compression in glype open your control panel and then set it to yes look at the photo.

Using Gzip compression in glype to save bandwidth


6- Limit Download file size

Many of proxy users misuse web proxies to download large files sometimes reach gigas, Of course this will make your webhosting kick your ass due to slowing their connection and eating bandwidth so we have to limit the download size.

To limit the download file size in glype open your control panel and then set it to 50MB or whatever you want but you should stay below 100MB, Look at the photo.

Limit the download size in glype to save bandwidth


7- Prevent hotlinking

Hotlinking means that someone uses resources from proxified page such as an image or video or even the whole proxified page link on another site, Of course this leads to bandwidth leakage.

To prevent hotlinking on glype open your control panel and then set yes to prevent hotlinking, Look at the photo.

Prevent hotlinking in glype to save bandwidth

Note that glype prevent hotlinking on cookie basis so you may find it is not working but it actually work if you tested it from another browser or after clearing your cookies.


8- Reduce transfer timeout

Transfer timeout is time to allow for the entire transfer to occur. For example if you set this to 60 seconds so any connection between your web proxy and your visitor will be no longer than 60 second, This means if the user downloading large file the connection will be cut after 60 seconds and download will never complete.

Note that this may affect youtube video watching as connection will be also 60 seconds and your users will never be able to watch videos larger than 60 seconds.

To set transfer timeout in glype open your control panel and set it to value you desire, Look at the photo.

reduce transfer timeout in glype to save bandwidth


9- Prevent resume transfers

Resume transfers allow your visitors to resume downloads also it allow segmenting download to multiple segments which is used by download accelerator programs like IDM, This will result in high bandwidth usage 

Note that preventing resume transfers may affect and slow down youtube video watching.

To prevent resume transfers in glype open your control panel and set it to no, Look at the photo

prevent resume transfers in glype to save bandwidth


10- Prevent queue transfers

Queue transfer allow your visitors to download multiple files through your web proxy at the same time which of course will result in bandwidth loss.

To prevent queue transfers in glype open your control panel and set it to no, Look at the photo.

Prevent queue transfers in glype to save bandwidth



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