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SEO for proxy sites is a little different and tricky, You may follow these simple 11 tips (orderd by importance) to make your proxy site rank higher in search engines

1- Pick A Style

Everyday you visit hundreds of websites some of them remain in your memory and others go away, This is because each site you visit has it's own flavor and impresses you in a different way, This flavor dervied from styling, speed, content and services these they offer.

Note: your proxy style should be as simple as possible (Simplcity = beauty)not complicated or overcrowded and should load fast.

ToDo: Design your own proxy style use new techniques as CSS3 and HTML5 they are really beautiful.

But what if i cann't design my own style? No problem at all there is thousands of free and paid proxy templates you just need to google for "Proxy Templates" or "Beautiful Proxy Templates" or "Proxy Styles" you will find a great collection

Bonus​: We offer you a great free proxy template directory as a start just click here or here and download your template.


2- Put Some Content

The problem in proxy sites is that all of them offer the same service with no content at all. So we need to be a little different we need to add something benificial to our visitors such as explaning the meaning of proxy or writing a good article anout proxy service or even you can write some text content about your site advantages and why it is different from other proxy sites.

ToDo: Write down some great unique content about proxy or write advantages of your proxy site or describe services you offer and put them on your homepage.

Not ToDo: Never never copy text content from other proxy sites, This will lead you to be penalized by search engines instead you should write original unique not copied content.

Bonus​: Go to our homepage and get some ideas about the nature of content you can put on proxy sites.

3- Submit your proxy to proxy lists(*)

Proxy lists are fantastic they drive a lot of traffic to your proxy site, But it is only traffic no other benfits exept for some proxy lists which give you a dofollow backlink.

Note: some proxy lists require a link back from your site this may cause page rank leakage if you add a lot of them.

ToDo: Submit your proxy to proxy lists you can find them by googling for "web proxy list" or simply by viewing other proxy sites you will find many of them in the footer.

Bonus​: here are some great dofollow proxylists requiring no backlink from you " - - " and of course our proxy list despite it requires a link back from your site and give you a nofollow link , It is the only proxy list which give you a uniqe SEO optimized page for your proxy site.

4- Add topics and posts to proxy forums(*)

There are many proxy forums and all of them allow you to put your proxy site link on your signature or as your homepage on posts and most of them give you a dofollow link which will be considered a high quality link.

ToDo: Register in proxy forums and put your proxy site link in your signature or as your home page from forum control panel and start to make some useful posts or topics on that forum.

Not ToDo: Don't spam and be smart so as not to be banned just put one link in signature not hundreds of links.

Bonus​Here are some great proxy forums which give do follow links " Xorum - my proxy - web proxy talk - proxy fire ".

5- Comment on proxy blogs(*)

There are thousands of blogs out there and of course we need blogs talking about proxy to comment on specially ones with high page rank by this way we gain a high quality backlink to our proxy site.

Using seoquake to order blog posts from high to low page rank

Bonus​: To find blog posts talking about proxy and with high page rank we will use some simple tools such as seoquake tool bar  and the following search query without brakets  [ proxy -protected + "comment" ] by this way we will find all blog posts within blogspot talking about proxy and using the seoquake tool bar we will order them from high to low page rank. Look at the photo under request parameter button you will find PR with up and down arrows just click the up arrow to order search results from high to low PR.
Note: You can change in the query "blue colored" with any blogging platform you like such as blogs or blogs ....etc.
ToDo: Find some high page rank blog posts talking about proxy and start comment on them wisely.
Not ToDo: don't spam be wise and only comment on 30 blog post maximum per day or you will get caught by the new penguin 2 update.

6- Submit articles to article directories(*)

This is really a great tip and will affect your SEO score very much.Simply you should write from 2 to 3 articles talking about proxy or related to it and put your proxy site URL at the end of the articles and submit them to article directories such as ezinearticles, articlebasesquidoo ...etc. Once approved your proxy site URL will be copied each time someone copy your article - and this happens a lot - you will get tons of high quality content related backlink.

Note: You should only put one link and at the end of the article to be accepted in these directories.

Note: The article should be written by you and not copied from any other site to be accepted.

ToDo: write an article about proxy and submit it to ezinearticles and put your proxy site link at the end on your main keyword anchor.

7- Make youtube videos

All you need is a program to capture screen such as faststone capture(freeware) and your own voice to start a youtube channel and record some great proxy tutorials explaning how to use your proxy site or how to change ip ....etc

ToDo: Record some video tutorials about proxy and upload them to youtube and put your site link in the video description, This will drive a great amount of traffic to your site.

8- Submit your proxy to DMOZ

Actually this is really hard because most of DMOZ editors are corruppted and accept sites which pay money for them only, But why not to trust your luck and try you may get accepted.
ToDo: Go to DMOZ directory and choose apropriate category for your proxy then click suggest URL in the upper right corner and fill in details of your proxy site and submit it.

9- Exchange links with other proxy sites(*)

This is very useful if used correctly, However i don't recommend you to exchange if you didn't follow these tips 
The site you exchange with must be:
  • Talking about proxy or it's related services
  • In the same language as your site
  • have higher PR than you
  • have no more than 20 external links

The trick: if the 2 links were dofollow you will get no benfit and you will be caught by google algorithms as exchanging links ( this is considered a crime for google ) so the trick is to make one of the two links dofollow and the other nofollow for 3 months then roles exchanged.


10- Social bookmarking

All you need to do is to but some sharing buttons on pages of your proxy site, There are many of great sites offering these service free of charge such as or
Also you need to make a new facebook fan page and a twitter account and put like and follow buttons in the proxy site pages
ToDo: Register for an account on website then choose sharing button style you like and put the code on your proxy site pages.
ToDo: create new facebook fan page and a twitter account and but like and follow buttons on your proxy site pages.

11- On page SEO

This was the 1st thing to talk about in year 2000 before massive google updates and now became the last point to talk about, Simply on page SEO is very easy and any one can do it.
Your page structure must be optimized for a specific main keyword
  • Title tag must have this keyword maximumly twice not more and must be less than 70 charachters long.
  • Description tag must have this keyword repeated 3 times wisely and must be less than 160 charachter long.
  • H1 tag must have this keyword only once.
  • H2 tag must have this keyword 3 times.
  • P tags (all of them together) must have this keyword more than 40 times.
  • A anchors (all of them) must have this keyword more than 3 times.
  • IMG alternate attributes must have this keyword more than 3 times.

Note: be carful not to use this keyword (repeat it) excssively or you will get caught as spammy content by the new penguin 2 update.

(*) points marked with this mark should be continued and never stopped, If you start any of them and stopped suddenly google algorithms will detect that there is something wrong and will penalize your site badly. so please stop these points gradually or don't stop at all because as long as you are working your ranking will become higher and higher.

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