3 Scripts to start your own web proxy site

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Have you ever thought to start your own web proxy site? if you have so read on the following few lines you will find what you are looking for.


1- Glype Proxy Script

Glype proxy script

This is the most common web proxy script on the internet written in PHP language and based on CURL liberaries

Glype Features

  • it is a Freeware .
  • Open Source source code can be modified and customized based on your needs.
  • Simple upload, configure and go " No Database Required "
  • Admin Backend Panel for configuration and managing.
  • Supporting JavaScript in proxified pages.
  • Customizable. You can easily change theme by uploading theme files and here you go.
  • Can blacklist IP addresses for end users or websites using domain name.
  • Support BlockScript which protects by filtering specific countries, ISP, Spam bots and bad spiders.
  • You can add plugins Extending Glype to became more than a proxy script, Allowing you to reach websites which may block web proxies or not working on proxies like facebook, youtube, .
  • Options and configurations allow users to change their browser and referrer, manage cookies, and remove Scripts and AdobeFlash.
  • Other futures you can discover by yourself

System Requirements

requires PHP5 (or higher) with cURL installed and enabled.



Download Glype

Latest version released uptill now: V 1.4.4 

You can download Glype latest release by simply clicking here 





2- PHProxy

Phproxy script

This  proxy script actually stopped being developed by its developer

PHProxy Features

  • PHProxy was started on June 15th, 2004. ( Old fellow )
  • since this date this script grows until it became the most popular proxy script untill the apperance of Glype.
  • The latest version is 0.5 beta 2 produced on 20 Jan 2007
  • As i said there is no new development of this script so we stuck with version 0.5 beta 2 as the final one

System Requirements

requires PHP4 (or higher) with cURL installed and enabled.


Sorry no demo available.

Download PHProxy

Latest version released uptill now: V 0.5 beta 2

You can download PHProxy latest release from source frog




3- CGI Proxy

CGI proxy script

CGI Proxy Features

  • This is a common proxy script written in Perl which released for 1st time on 3 Aug 1998 (the oldest).
  • Latest version of this script is 2.1.6 released on 4 Feb 2013.
  • being using Perl language it is not to common as most of webmasters prefer PHP as a developing language however this dosen't mean that it is not strong - this is the strongest proxy script but it has limited support, extensions and styling because of that it is not common.

System Requirements


Online Demo (login "free/speech")

Download CGI Proxy

You can download latest version by simply clicking here 





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