Proxy Anonmity Levels

Level 1: Elite - connection looks like a regular client (browser) and the server doesn't know that you are using proxy or changed your IP this also known as high anonymouse proxy.
Level 2: Anonymouse - your IP is hidden but target server could still know that you are using a proxy.
Level 3: Transparent - IP is forworded and target server can detect your real IP and knows that you are using proxy also called caching proxy used for caching only.

South Africa Proxy server List

IP Port Type Anonmity SSL Country Last Check Latency (s) Reliability 3128 HTTP Anonymous proxy No South Africa 44 Months 4.927 Sec
66% 3128 HTTP Anonymous proxy No South Africa 45 Months 6.095 Sec
77% 80 HTTP Transparent No South Africa 51 Months 6.459 Sec

Why Proxy?

While surfing the internet your internet protocol (IP) is being logged by all website you surf. A simple web logs check will fetch the ip addresses of all persons who surfed a particular site. These rexords can be kept for decades. Your privacy is being compromised when surfing websites without a proxy.

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