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Proxy Categories

Category Description Proxies
Glype Proxy Glype Proxy list for proxies using Glype script the most common proxy script. 514
CGI Proxy CGI proxy list for proxies using CGI as main proxy script 11
PHProxy PHP Proxy list for proxies using PHP language as their script - manually written proxy scripts 478
ASProxy ASP Proxy list for proxies using ASP language as their script - ASP manually written proxy scripts 2
Other Proxies Other proxies proxy list for miscellaneous proxies without proxy category 81

Proxy Categories Details:

Description: Most common proxy types out there in the internet ordered by proxy type
Keywords: Proxy types, web proxies, Fresh proxies, new proxies

Why Proxy?

While surfing the internet your internet protocol (IP) is being logged by all website you surf. A simple web logs check will fetch the ip addresses of all persons who surfed a particular site. These rexords can be kept for decades. Your privacy is being compromised when surfing websites without a proxy.

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